Groovy Letter Sounds


If a radio signal could talk.. What would they say?

All we hear is radio ga ga 

Radio goo goo Radio ga ga

All we hear is radio ga ga 

Radio blah blah

Radio,what's new? Radio, someone still loves you.


What did the Rock say to the Boulder?

We will, we will rock you We will, we will rock you!


What did the Mickey Mouse ear say to the loud continuous theme park music?

It was easy

To just let it happen

I've been with people who sing gorgeous songs

While you're just ringing in my ear.


What did the Saw say to the other tools during a rain storm?

There was a day I saw lightning There was a day I saw lightning (I saw lightning) Hey hey hey, saw lightning Ho ho ho, saw lightning He he he, saw lightning Ha ha ha! 


If a tree wrote a love letter to a pine tree what would it say?

My love is a pine tree, that's the only tree that's true.


What did the moth say to the street lights?

Even if it makes me blind I just wanna see the light Breathe in, leave it all behind I just wanna see the light.


What would the heavy metal G clamp singer write about?

I hear the sound in a metal way I feel the power rolling on the stage 'Cause only one thing really sets me free Heavy metal, loud as it can be.


What did the satellite say to the red emergency signal lights during a break up?

There ain’t no reason to stay

We’ll be light years away

We could just run them red lights.


What did the outgoing light tell the shy light to give it confidence?

Shine, step into the light

Shine, so bright sometimes

Shine, I'm not ever going back.


How did the chair handle apologize to Ms.Jackson?

I'm sorry Ms. Jackson (oh),

I am for real

Never meant to make your daughter cry

I apologize a trillion times.


What does a disco goer say when putting on their shoes?

I want to put on my my my my my Boogie shoes

Just to boogie with you, yeah

I want to put on my my my my my Boogie shoes just to boogie with you, uh huh!


What did the newly single boot say to all the other boots in the bar?

These boots are made for walkin'

And that's just what they'll do

One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.


What did the architecture say about Disney after learning its in downtown and not the park?

I'm mad at Disney, Disney

They tricked me, tricked me

Had me wishing on a shooting star

But now I'm twenty-something

I still know nothing

About who I am or what I'm not.


What did the machine say when it was being painted Orange?

I said no

No, no, no

A no-no

No, no

That's a no-no

No, no!

What did the lady say to man over the phone in the mountains?

Give me a signal, can you hear me?

Give me a signal or you'll wear me


Give me a signal, give, give me a signal

Give me a signal, give, give me a signal.


What did the tree say to the other tree that was spray painted?

It's nature's way of receiving you

It's nature's way of retrieving you

It's nature's way of telling you

Something's wrong.


If the band Queen had a phone charger in their trailer what would it say?

She's a Killer Queen

Gunpowder, gelatine

Dynamite with a laser beam

Guaranteed to blow your mind



What did the girl say when her date didnt show up?

There’s an empty chair

Sitting right beside you

That you have saved for me.


What did the branches say to the tree trunk?

You hold me up

'Til like a leaf we fall

On to the ground.


What did the car say to the driver?

But, baby, if you love me, take me to the gas station

Take me to the gas station.


What did the boy say when taking his bike off the bicycle rack?

Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle

I want to ride my bicycle, bicycle, bicycle

I want to ride my bicycle

I want to ride my bike.


What did the busy mom with five kids say when someone asked her what she wanted?

Vacation, all I ever wanted

Vacation, had to get away

Vacation, meant to be spent alone.


What did Pete tell the whole town after visiting the forrest?

A dragon, a dragon,

I swear there was a dragon!


What song is a monkey's go to jam?

Brass Monkey

That funky Monkey

Brass Monkey junkie

That funky Monkey!


Where did the fairy say to stay that was fun?

It's fun to stay at the YMCA

It's fun to stay at the YMCA!


What did the fence say when asked if it liked Tennessee?

Besides I'd rather be an old fence post in Texas

Than the king of Tennessee.